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I`m not into sports much,but I dig everything on Wheels! Jaguars, Ferraris they truly are my umm 2nd passion..(Girls,of course rank first!) Apart from that I`m into skateboarding a lil bit, beachboarding,rollerblading..stuff. I simply love Music, So let`s make it my umm 3rd passion. :)

Well now letme tell u bout my hobbies..I like Ummm Net-Surfing,taking photos,Mtv,Designing Websites, Rollerblading,SkateBoarding,BeachBoarding..U name it As far as Music`s concerned, Iron Maiden Rocks, Metallica`s okay, Def Leppard Rules! Some of my all-time fave songs are

Love Bites : Def Leppard
Real Life : Bon Jovi
She`s Got the look : Roxette!
I don`t like BSB kinda stuff..So If any girls with similiar interests are out there, I would certainly welcome a letter or 2 ;) U can email me @

And now a few words on the most beautiful creatures ever to roam this earth GIRLS!! Gentlemen may prefer blondes..but then I`m no gentleman..I prefer brunettes.J/K..hehe And on this note letme end this page,but not before I give YoU a big thanks for visiting my page!

Come Again Real Soon!
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